Pain points

How to solve these pain points,Break through the traditional outdoor media company operating bottlenecks

“Office buildings、Residential building each half”

On the elevator media customers,Require special trouble,“A unit of one,Don't be a ladder”;“Outside the door30%,Interior door70%”;“Weekly rotation,Don't repeat”。

“Near the school's location in the city”

Customer demand is more and more clear,“Want to be inxxThe business circle2Km mass of the drop”;“AllMRestaurants around1Km within the scope of advertising”。

“I don't want to photograph on publication manual sorting”

Customer service complaints finishing photo and monitoring report is too cumbersome,“Large amount,Especially prone to errors”;“Work overtime to make monitoring report manually,Too time-consuming”。

“I'm going to the vacancy rate of each point in the first quarter”

The boss wants to see statistics report on request before coming off work,“In the last quarter of sales,Every industry accounted for the statistics;“According to the monthly statistics2017Years of HuiKuanE every salesman”。

“Outside the media want to unified management”

Suppliers、The agent、Their own and not its media want to unified management,“Supplier information in the contract period is hard to update,When the salesman order error prone“。

“The customer progress to which step”

Customer follow-up record is incomplete,Hard to track,“Communication details then remember this,Lost but have forgotten”。

A way out

In the field of outdoor advertising industry,We are more professional,Also more understand your needs

Special solutions

Our differences between different media depth of mining,Provide professional outdoor advertising management solutions

Building the framework media

    The elevator cross media

      Community brake media

        Light box media community

          Bus type of media

            The media

              Big name、Unipod media

                The traffic hub of the media

                  Using feedback

                  Click on functions of this system bring great convenience to me,Point map is a visual,I can give customers choosing directly at the scene of the customer,It also can was derived for the client,Shorten the business cycle;Another point schedule is very clear,May I know which media is optional,Which are not selected,Do plan early I can completely avoid dropping schedule conflict。

                  Mr. Chen

                  Schedule、Point、Media information are synchronized,I don't need to spend a lot of time every day to update the schedule table,The new increase or damaged point information,Sales don't again with I confirm many times,All the information are synchronized,Sales can be directly selected available schedule,Don't need me again to screen a free media form let he choose,Also avoid the errors caused by artificial。

                  Ms. Lee

                  Our task is very heavy,On the issue、Monitoring、The installation、Demolition and so on,The system can allocate the tasks each worker is good,Workers and qr code can pick up your task,It's very convenient to you。Mobile terminal operation is very simple,Workers are easy to accept,Feedback pictures,Also can see their specific position and time mission,Facilitate our management。

                  Mr Ma

                  We put the Customer success Look very heavy

                  Sign up is just the beginning,We focus on every successful deployment of the clients、Actually use、To meet demand、The pain is solved

                  From the introduction to the skilled,We the entire teaching

                  Use the manual、Remote guidance 、The teaching video、On-site training,We help you familiar with system as soon as possible。

                  Specialist,Respond to your needs

                  We attach importance to new customers、The most honest feedback,Ensure that any problems can be timely and accurate response and resolution。

                  Continued growth in product and service value

                  Outdoor each department to assist with customer team success,Make sure the best quality products and services。

                  About us

                  In outdoor,We are committed to the latest science and technology into the outdoor advertising industry,Provide the best soft industry、Hardware solution

                  Media managementSaaS

                  Aims to accelerate the outdoor advertising industry data information transformation,Upgrade the management mode of extensive for refinement、The management of the data driven model,Promote media management routing、Standardization、Information technology,To maximize the media company earnings and competition advantage。


                  Audience's radar+Outdoor advertising effect monitoring system,Realize the digital audience,The stream of people、Flow velocity、Into accurate data such as residence time,Combining with the audience analysis,Fully solve the problem of outdoor advertising effect monitoring。

                  Outdoor advertisingCPM

                  Based on analysis of outdoor media for real people、The audience,To change advertising sales way,By the time with the original lease into AD exposure times to pay(CPMOn the way),Reduce the threshold of outdoor advertising。

                  Understand us

                  Software update log、Function analysis、Using the tutorial,Looking forward to your interaction and discussion with us

                  Overview of outdoor advertising management system function

                  In recent years, continuous innovation and development in the form of outdoor media,The media audience more differentiation,Industry continuously introducing“The marketing scenario”、“Accurate delivery”、“Effect of quantitative assessment”、“CPMBuying patterns”And other new topics,But behind the traditional outdoor advertising business and management mode of the industry still in the race...

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